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Birth of My-SECRET-Corner
Thursday, 14 November 2013
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Nov. 2013 ( Singapore )

Posted by taszel14 at 2:52 AM EST
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October , What have I done ?

October  31,2013 ~ Last day of the month and I'm rushing here thinkin of what to write in my blog ... ooopppssss. My brains had been wandering for quite a while in Singapore these days and I'm just too lazy to bother typing anything in my poor blog.  Awwwwww !

Nevertheless, I had created a few nice pieces from September till October. What a great feelin to see them all finished and done. These pieces are by far my most intricate work with seed beads.

I just love the outcome of these projects. The seedbeads had required a lot of patience and time while doing needlework . Taking into account the times my fingers got poked too ... Oooouuccchhhhh !

By the way, my darling daughter had just turned 16 .. yep ... so sweet 16 that she told me not to come down during her party at home last week .. uh oh ! I almost laughed when she told me herself LOL!  She specifically asked for parents not to be around sneaking or snooping in her teens' party. Oh well, her wish was surely granted ! I officially stayed indoors in my beading room all night  and let them do their stuffs ! There were lots of giggling and a few loud voices as well as music heard during the night but neighbors never complained ... what a relief ! They are still kids playing games in and out of the house ... they had fun I could tell !

I kept myself busy mingling with my beads and things all night trying to finish this medal necklace until I hear no more noise from her party downstairs. They were all behaved anyways that the beers my hubby bought for them ( yes, he did bought them beers ) were still beers in the cooler box the following morning. Daughter said she didn't even look at it LOL! Not all the boys drank beer . So Good girls & boys !

Anyways, I had been very occuppied by beading these days. Lucky my neck wasn't hurting anymore and my right arm had stopped from getting numbed !  Although one thing bothering me was my eye sight. Yep... my eyes couldn't see well even if my 1.5 reading glasses were on. So I went out to Chinatown last week and check for a cheap reading glasses ( as usual )  with a higher grade. From 1.5 grade, my glasses now had jumped to 2.00. No wonder I get dizzy from time to time when I do my artwork. My old glasses were not good for my eyes anymore ! Siggghhhhhhh ..... I'm getting old ! Sign of the times ... can't help it !

With my new glasses on, I had been beading  well again even with the size15 seedbeads without a problem anymore. Everything is so clear ... yeehhheeyyyyyy !!!

I have to create new pieces so I can sell to my friends before Christmas and list some to ebay Singapore. I will surely need some extra money when I go to Philippines for the holidays. Some of my Singapore based friends had already been asking me  when I'm going to have an open house for my jewelries . I said .. very soon ... just wait and see ...

Last week of November is a date to watch out for ...

I'm hoping to see you all soon !

Posted by taszel14 at 2:49 AM EST
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Sunday, 25 September 2005
Mood:  celebratory
Topic: Birth of My-SECRET-Corner

Sunday, September 25, 2005


Great, great, great! I finally found the right place to lay down all my thoughts during the day....

Tired and stressed after long hours and hours of being in My-SECRET-Corner, my only time of rest is to sit back & check what are the latest happenings around me.

People & events vary continously from one place to another . I truly admire people who managed to stay low profile the way they were before despite of all their achievements here ,there and everywhere . They're are the humble ones while there are some who thinks they already had conquered & Acquired everything in the world ( simply put, these are the ambitious, selfish and arrogant ones! ). Although the truth is , they were only able to manage changing their outlooks but not their inner selves. Dear friends, don't judge the book by its covers. Dig deep inside the pages to see the reality laying in between the lines. Know what I mean ?

Let me ask , What does the word " success " mean to you? Speaking for myself & others , this word means being in a far more better position than any other individuals. It Means access into almost anything where you have all the conveniences in life , a feeling of contentment , a sort of total satisfaction , great feeling of being happy in everything you do as well as being able to overcome the sad episodes of our time and live a better life is for me the true meaning of "Success". There are a few that despite of their numerous successes in various forms, their personality, character and way of living has not changed at all. Low key and very down to earth! Negative sides? Of course they had just like everyone else... who lives a perfect life anyway ? But , despite of these past dark life they had, built within themselves was enormous amount of courage & strong will to survive the path of obstacles . Unfortunate just like most individuals , their lives are not spent in beds of roses . They had gone through life the hard way but managed to survive! As a saying goes, Life is a never ending road of suffering for those who are weak ... don't give up on something ... just keep on going ... if you stumble , get up and move on ... the more you stop along the way, the harder it's and the longer it would take to reach the next step... the more you continue to strive to reach your goal, the faster you'll see the end of the winding road ...

I don't believe when someone says " The PAST is The PAST...." The past is the mirror of yourself . You can hide , you can run, you can deny your past but you'll never get anywhere ... wherever you go it's forever attached to you ... you're stamped with it the rest of your life, So, Accept it! I knew of a person who doesn't like to look at the past. She's not alone... There is absolutely a lot of them like that. Let the past be past is a common reaction I suppose. I respect her view just like the others. But Forgive me If I should say , Leaving the past behind is equivalent to being afraid of your own ghosts. What you did in the past is a solid example of your self awareness to things happening around you and you agreed & allowed for it to happen is undeniable .. we all have our own reasons to consider for doing such acts or decisions. No matter what they are, what's important now is : No one has the right to judge us , to blame or castigate us for decisions we'd done in the past . Whatever had happened the only thing to do is avoid the negative circumstances if ever they come out again in present situations. We should learn from our mistakes. Our past decisions and acts speaks for ourselves. Life in the past is a lesson to carry the rest of our life... how can we tell we'd been successful in what and where we are now if we don't look and try to compare the present to our past. What we did in the past was a decision we made ourselves. So we should be on guard for all the consequences that had been with it . Stories we had told about our past, were said , solely for the purpose of enlightening the minds of others for them to learn from the experiences of others. Stories were meant as models for friends to see how a person had survived and became who and what is he or she now. These stories are not meant to put loved ones or our dearest friends to shame nor even hurt them. Negative interpretations of the events told are by product of people who are short minded and lacks proper mental capability to understand the situation being told. So beware of such *Friends* who listens to your story for the mere fact of manipulating all the facts to ruin people. The moral lesson in our stories and why they were told are warded off and stories are interpreted the other way around by these kind of " friends ". Time will come when these envious and irresponsible self centered individuals, sufferring from lack of : mutual peers' attention, self confidence and good social behaviour will attempt to degrade and pursue to destroy us in our present level / position and use our past against us. If we value the past and carry it all along to present and future life our self confidence will be of great abundance. Maybe not all but eventually most of us will be mentally and emotionally strong to defend ourselves against anyone who may come and ruin our life as well as the lives of people who are dear to us . So listen up , for all people with negative past lives... Cheer Up ! Nobody is Perfect! You're Far more lucky than anyone else who'd been in the same obstacle path and who never made it out there... You're where you are now and you're the lucky ones ... BE HAPPY ! That's the fact! For those who're still in the obstacle path ... stepping unto other people will never get you further to the next step ... or trying to step unto people who'd been in the path before will make you even bounce back to where you had started in the path ... don't make a fool out of yourself ! All I can advice is .... respect yourself and do the same to others and luck will be with you! As for me, I had reached the end of the path .... Slowly but surely I had proven things to myself and I had found my place ...


.... where my stories & experiences are not just tales meant to be told , shared ;

... they're are yours to keep in mind forever....



Posted by taszel14 at 12:01 AM EDT
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